Country and Irish by Patrick McCabe is Fight2Flight’s first national tour, visiting all four provinces: twenty one venues in all.

Fight2Flight is planning a production of a new play by Peter Gowen in the Autumn, under the working title of The Letters Of St Declan; a dark comedy about an Irishman’s fight with himself.

The company was awarded a project grant to develop a new play: My name Is Elizabeth by Peter Gowen. It is  hoped to be produced in 2024.

Actors’ Forums

The company also initiated a series of Actors’ Forums funded by the Arts Council of Ireland, dealing with actor welfare and development. These were all recorded and are available on the Irish Theatre Institute’s YouTube channel. The topics covered by these forums included:

When Am I An Actor? 1  A panel of established actors talking about surviving in the  industry and strategies around coping with anxiety due to being out of work. The panel included Dr Ming Rawat a GP and wellness practitioner.

When Am I an Actor? 2  A panel of emerging actors discuss the problems facing artists entering the business and how they deal with the challenges. The panel included Dr Paddy Gowen, a counsellor and Mindfulness teacher.

In the Room 1 –  Auditions. With Maureen Hughes, and two directors

In The Room 2.  A director’s view on actors and their habits.

Retirement, what’s that?  A panel of senior actors talking about working beyond retirement age.

The company also ran a series of forums in conjunction with the First Fortnight Festival and the Scene+Heard Festival in 2022.

Click here to view 6 Actors’ Forums Videos